A Taste of IVF Over 40

I have made an appointment with an obstetrician recommended by a friend of mine who had her baby delivered just a couple of months ago.

She is at East Melbourne.  Amazingly, she is in the same building as Melbourne IVF, although I don’t believe she is linked to MIVF in any way; my IVF nurse hadn’t heard of her.  She only works at the Freemasons Private Hospital and they have already booked me in.  It’ll be nice going to the same place I think.

I wasn’t screened for a multiple pregnancy (not that I could shed any light on the matter) before they accepted me.  The receptionist seemed quite nice and my first appointment with this OB/GYN is in three weeks on Tuesday the 6th of January. 

My (final!) scan with my fertility specialist, Dr John McBain, is on Tuesday the 23rd of December.  Until then I am taking it easy and praying a lot.  Hopefully I’ll be as lucky and happy as our friendly Evil Stepmonster – congrats again!!.


Well, I am very, very happy!

My second beta is 3375.  I am over the moon.  It has more than tripled in three days. Just quietly (v e r y quietly), I think you may be right about twins (especially you Andi)!  Let’s keep our fingers crossed.  I want twins so badly that I refuse to get excited about two babies … not enough certainty for that, not for me anyway.  Less than two weeks till the scan. 

Oh, and I forgot to mention that my spotting (12dpo) stopped after only two days.  I think it was because the label that the pharmacist put on the jar of progesterone pessaries covered the words “lie down for half an hour after insertion” … I’m probably getting the correct dose now (imagine a big ‘L’ over my forehead).

My niece is also over the moon.  We sent her a bunch of flowers and told her that she is our hero!

I know I lost the last little one at 12 weeks but I’m not dwelling on that.  The odds are with me and this is a time that is just plain full to the brim with excitement.  I want to cherish every day as a blessing and celebrate this fantastic opportunity. I have no time nor need for fear or worry.  I am pregnant and IT FEELS GREAT!

This really has been an arduous journey and so thank you to everyone who has helped me celebrate.  My scan is December 23rd … just in time for Christmas!

I got this fantastic idea from so many of you:

Melbagirl's Beta Levels ☼ YAY ☼

Melbagirl's Beta Levels ☼ YAY ☼

I am in shock.

My beta is 945. 

I have a follow up test on Thursday.

☼ I am pregnant! ☼

It is another beautiful day. 

However, I am spotting.  Spotting has me fearing that I will have to take progesterone shots.  I rang the clinic yesterday and they told me to take an extra progesterone pessarie.  So I had three yesterday instead of two.  I am still spotting today so I’ll ring them again today and find out what they want me to do.  On the bright side, my husband (who is slowly, but not really, showing slight signs of excitement) has told me to do bugger-all today!

hCG blood test is Monday.

My Faint Positive

My Faint Positive

OK You guys are the first to know. 

We did it.  We did it!  I haven’t even told my husband yet.  I’m having trouble letting it sink in.  I don’t know how I thought I’d react when I finally got a positive.  I need a cup of tea.  To be honest … the first thing that sprang to mind was U2 “It’s a Beautiful Day” and I don’t even know the lyrics … but I started singing it.

After so many years, I don’t know how to tell my husband.  I want it to be special.  We are going out to dinner tonight with a friend so it can’t be then.  I’d be very grateful for any ideas you may have.  He’s been so subdued about it all – all tough like it doesn’t really matter to him.  Well, we finally did it. 

To my dear friends here: thank you for your prayers, positive thoughts, positive energy, sticky vibes, etc.  They WORKED!!  I don’t know if you really understand how desperate I was.

I seriously only found out 10 minutes ago!  Holy Moly Batman.

Got another negative … I’m getting really frightened now.

I hate the not-knowing.  I caved (again!) and got a negative home pregnancy test this morning.  I am home alone and the insanity got to me.  Plus, what harm can it do. It was like eating bad tasting chocolate if you get my drift.

Anyway, having said that … I have good news!  I have discovered the best website I have ever seen to discuss and demonstrate embryonic development.  It is here. There’s also another one which is fairly good here.  Doesn’t the two week wait generate such a craving for knowledge?

Really, what did you expect?  I had to do something and so surfing the net for “timeline of embryo development secretion of hcg” made perfect sense (don’t you think!!?). He hee.

My husband is out of town for four days (but he gets back tonight) and I am absolutely going nuts!!  I didn’t fall asleep until after 2:am this morning because I kept telling myself over and over again all this stupid stuff (you can imagine).

Anyway, check out the links above; you won’t be sorry xx