A Taste of IVF Over 40

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I’ve been waiting.  I am a “mother-in-waiting” (well, sort of!).

My niece just had a second appointment with the counsellor and an appointment with a psychiatrist (on the same day to accommodate her flights).  Additionally, my husband and I meet with the counsellor again tomorrow.

Then we wait on THE verdict … whether or not we are all “good to go”.  In other words, does Melbourne IVF, its doctors and counsellors, think the three of us are confident, comfortable, informed, rational, etc. and able to pull this off. 

I hope so.  I think so.  We find out for certain in just a few days.  I am apprehensive, yet quietly confident.

I understand the required amount of detail and the level of thoroughness.  Of course we need to make sure that in forty years’ time the three of us still feel that this decision was the right one.

I changed the style of my blog.  Instead of an olive green it is now a bright green!  In keeping with a brighter future for me I hope!


I’m so sorry for such a long story here but it’s all sooo good.

So much has happened in the last two days.  Where do I start?

I’ll start with me.  I am so very happy and blessed.

Now to my niece (I can’t help it … that’s where all the action is this cycle!).


Her flight arrived on Tuesday afternoon and I immediatley whisked her away to meet my IVF specialist.  That all went really well.  He examined her and pronounced her a particularly good donor.  I couldn’t help but ask him the question – I just wanted to hear the answer.  I had to hear the answer.  “So what do you think my chances are now?” I strained to ask without too much excitement in my voice.

“High”, he said. 

Lovely, lovely, lovely I thought.  I dwelt on his answer momentarily but it wasn’t enough – I needed (and I am sure I’ve earned) a bigger high (so to speak!) than that.  I couldn’t resist going for gold. 

“So, what do you mean by high?” I asked.

“Well”, he said.  “Imagine you’ve got a 23 year old girl and a 23 year old man; that’s the kind of chance that you have”.  That’s when I remembered that our anonymous sperm donor is still in uni.

I felt like a pig rolling around in mud.  Like a bride on her wedding day.  I felt like I now have a real, almost certain chance of falling pregnant.  This might sound a bit cliched but it’s almost as if I have to keep pinching myself.  I don’t think it’s sunk in.  I am going to be pregnant!  I’ve had such a bad run that it’s hard to believe. 

I feel like I’m looking through a shop window at something beautiful that I’ve wanted for ages.  However, the reality is that I am actually in the shop and I’m finally getting the item – I just can’t believe it.

It’s like sweet, sweet music that word – “high” (as opposed to that nasty word “five percent chance”) – Yay!!! 


Now, this was all very interesting.  My husband and I met with the counsellor the day before my niece did.  The counsellor raised some pretty serious issues like: What will you tell the child?  What will you tell your family?  What if your niece changes her mind?  We worked through them.  Apparently, a lot of donors go to counselling and after they are confronted with the reality of donating, and the implications that can arise, they change their mind.  Argh!  Slight panic.  However, my husband and I had personally done our share of contemplation over my niece’s generosity and her maturity.  We felt comfortable that she was also feeling comfortable, and confident.

We were right, thankfully.  My niece’s appointment with the counsellor seemed to go really well.  The counsellor raised a lot of potential issues that my niece may not have thought of.  We were lucky though; she had thought about a lot of them already and seemed to take the counselling session well.


This also went really well.  My niece was in there for about an hour going over everything with the nurse.  I waited outside, as I did with the counsellor.  She really does feel confident.  They gave her a little cool pack for transporting the hormones home on the plane.


OK … this is the icing on the cake.  My niece flew back to her city (four hour flight) last night.  She got her period this morning!!  Wow!  Could I have asked for things to go more smoothly?  She rang me straight away to tell me – she was so excited.

Like I said.  I really still feel like I’m looking through the window at all of this.  It doesn’t feel like it’s my good news story … yet!  OK, the baby will not be genetically linked to either my husband or I … but really; I do not care.  It’s kind of like adopting a child but I get to be pregnant, give birth and breast-feed!

I feel like running out onto the street, standing in the middle of the road and screaming with joy.  Am I being too excited too early??