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I hate the not-knowing.  I caved (again!) and got a negative home pregnancy test this morning.  I am home alone and the insanity got to me.  Plus, what harm can it do. It was like eating bad tasting chocolate if you get my drift.

Anyway, having said that … I have good news!  I have discovered the best website I have ever seen to discuss and demonstrate embryonic development.  It is here. There’s also another one which is fairly good here.  Doesn’t the two week wait generate such a craving for knowledge?

Really, what did you expect?  I had to do something and so surfing the net for “timeline of embryo development secretion of hcg” made perfect sense (don’t you think!!?). He hee.

My husband is out of town for four days (but he gets back tonight) and I am absolutely going nuts!!  I didn’t fall asleep until after 2:am this morning because I kept telling myself over and over again all this stupid stuff (you can imagine).

Anyway, check out the links above; you won’t be sorry xx