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Bit of a Mix-up

Posted on: Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yes, we have had a bit of a mix-up.

My niece started her Synarel on Friday and I started mine on Monday.  The nurse wanted us to start today (Wednesday). 


Talk about poor communication!  This would simply have been a major catastrophe if we were further along in the cycle.

The good news is that being on Synarel for a few extra days does no harm.  This means that we officially start sniffing today.

The problem is that there is a 1.5 hour time difference between my niece and the clinic (made it difficult for the clinic to get a hold of her on a couple of occasions, my niece is still chasing some paperwork that they need returned (hence the delay in the sniff-start-date), my niece changed jobs and they didn’t have her correct mobile phone number, my niece’s mobile phone ran out of credit (that happens to young people), aaaaArgh!  Still, you would think that a veteran such as myself would have smelt something fishy …

BUT … all is goooood!

I’ve just gotta make sure we are all on the same page now – time to make a coupla phone calls.


9 Responses to "Bit of a Mix-up"

Ack! My heart sank when I began to read your posting–was glad when I saw that everything is still on track even with the miscommunication. I like the look of your new site. Keep the updates coming! I am sending positive vibes and good thoughts your way!

At worse you have a headache for a few extra days. I hate the way I can taste the Syneral for hours after I took it. But at least I know I didn’t forget to take it. None of that, “Did I, or didn’t I”? Like I have with pills.

What’s the next step?

Heya – Lots of balls getting juggled over there, but you’re all up to it, I just know it. And, I’m looking at it this way – you just got the bad bits out of the way early – now it should run smoothly! I know, it’s silly thinking, but hell, it works for me. Last new car I bought I managed to run the mirror into the garage door three days after I got it. I was so damned relieved! Figured I got that first ding out of the way and I could relax because the worst was over. And it was! That car is fifteen years old now and that’s about the worst that ever happened to it – still going strong. (And paid off, that’s the sexiest thing of all!). Anyway, I’m figuring maybe that’s the way it’ll go for you – got the hassle out of the way early and maybe it’ll all be smooth sailing from here. Hope it is. But all this run-on-at-the-mouth is really saying, in the most verbose way possible, is that I’m thinking of you and sending you all the best wishes and hopes!

Hey there – good to hear your are both now on track!! Good luck good luck good luck. Keep us posted.

Cheers Andi

Oops, too early is better than too late though. It’s all now happening!

Whoopsie! At least you have the drama out of the way so from now everything will go exactly to plan. God I hope we can be preggo buddies! Best of luck!

Just thought I would pop in and wish you luck!! It sounds like you’re on you’re way to baby!! Good luck

Glad to hear you’re on your way with your cycle and your niece. Hopefully your clinic is far more careful going forward, at least the mixup will motivate everyone to communicate more carefully. Hope all continues going well on your road to motherhood.

Melba how’s it going? Been thinking about you every day and hoping things are going smoothly and uneventfully!

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